Masterclass Music Production in Kazan

In tandem with presenting Zulya’s album at this year’s Tat Cult Fest in Kazan, I was asked to do a presentation on my productional approach in the prestigious new studio ‘Audio Kazan’. There were some 15 musicians and producers who with big smiles listened to me and my translator explain how I create beats with kitchen materials and such things. I hope it inspired some of them into creating their own sounds rather than relying on ready samples.

Album presentation with Zulya in Kazan

This year’s Tat Kult Fest in Tatarstan invited Zulya Kamalova to come and present her album Six Days Loving as one of the headlining acts. She asked me to join on my ClaudeViol and two other great musicians, Gennady Lavrentiev on Guitar and Violin, and Marat Taturas on Synths. Poet Yolduz Minnulina joined us on two songs on the stage and delivered some poetry over the music. We had about 4 days to prepare while staying in Kazan, rehearsed every day, and had a great time. Most likely not the last time we worked together with this group of people. The audience loved it, the place (inside the Kazan Kremlin, see the Mosque in the background) was packed while we played, much less so before and after even though there were good bands playing. Clearly Zulya still pulls a crowd.

Brass arrangements for Snowapple

Snowapple has been doing lots of live shows in Europe and Mexico, and their upcoming tour in Oktober will be together with a Mexican Brass band who play Balkan music! Well that’s right up my alley .. So Laurien asked me to make some arrangements slightly balkan style for the brass section, for a few pieces. Amoung them is a sparse arrangment for the song La Llorona which was also the song in the animation that recently won the Mexican Animation Competition. I’m looking forward to hear how the band will sound with these brass fellows!