Snowapple Pandemic Track

In the middle of the pandemic, I got a call from Laurien from Snowapple. She wanted to make a creative track, in French, with a bunch of musicians who were each of them locked in their houses, via the internet – and asked me to put it all together. She was going to get creative with a camera and final cut pro in her own house, and make her first ever videoclip. Well, with these kind of challenges, of course I was up for it 🙂

Musicians who played on this are:

Laurien Schreuder, song, vocals and video – Amsterdam
Nora Tinholt – vocals and video – Amsterdam
Allan ‘Gunga’ Purves, percussian and sounds – Scotland (but he lives in Amsterdam)
Osito ‘Morro’ Von Ropi, flute – Mexico (but resides in Utrecht, Holland these days)
Matteo Cerboncini, electric guitar – Italy (but.. found his love in Finland and lives over there)
Kasper Stern, bass – Amsterdam
Cynthia Martinez, mental support – Mexico City
And myself on some acoustic guitars, claude viol and synth sounds. Mixed @ Pindos Music and mastered by Zlaya @ Loud in Barcelona, Spain. Vocals, bass and percussion were recorded by Joeri Saal at the amazing *amazing* studio 150 in Amsterdam