Snowapple Mr Moon project

Since last summer we have been on and off working on the album to go with Snowapple’s Mr Moon theatre show, which will be live performed this summer in Holland and France. Currently we are working full steam towards the mixing stage, with most of the brass parts recorded by Jason Goldstein in Northern California, and most recently some quite unusual percussion by mr Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves from Scotland, recorded by Joeri Saal at Studio 150 in Amsterdam. For these recordings in Amsterdam, we used a high quality stream by Audiomovers, and Zoom for a video feed with both the recording room and the mixing room. Next up, Cello by Cynthia Martinez, and a bunch of woodwinds by bandmember Moro von Ropi and well known jazz player Michael Moore, plus a couple more guests. I have been using my arsenal of instruments on this project – such as the Banjo Bass, which had been sitting idle for a while.