Guitar parts for Django Wagner and others

By producer Waylon van der Heijden (NL), Goldfinger Productions, I was asked to play guitar on a number of tracks he is producing for several well known Dutch singers, including Django Wagner and Rene Schuurmans.

I got to use my little vintage Bruno parlour guitar a lot on these tracks, as it has a very characterful sound for fingerpicking and strumming, without nasty brightness or too pumping basses, very easy to mix. I’m trying to find out more about this guitar, it was resold by the New York based Bruno and Sons shop who were not making but reselling instruments by a number of makers, starting 1834. This guitar is more likely from around 1900. Someone I know recognised a carving on the neck as being typical for a certain banjo maker of that time, if I found out more I will post an update. And of course when the tracks of Django and Rene are released.

Crowdfunding new album Zulya Kamalova

After our previous collaboration on ‘Kaida Son Sin’, singer-songwriter Zulya Kamalova has proposed to record an EP with new songs, a cycle of poems in the Tatar language, and I will be co-producing and mixing. Plan is to start working in November on this project, more info soon! In order to finance the whole project, Zulya ran a crowdfunding campain on the Russian platform Since many people from the west ran into trouble due to the language, Zulya has started a campaign on, in English. Donations are still welcome and needed, as the amount collected so far does not cover the cost of the project. Check it out here

Pindos Music on Soundbetter

I’ve been looking for some time into the various music production platforms that exist online, and the one that stands out through their clarity and high quality is Basically an online production marketplace, Sound Better has made it very easy for musicians and singers to find and hire producers, and thus for producers to find work among musicians. Their policies are very straightforward, focused on professionalism and high quality music and production services. Their payment system provides security to both musicians and producers. I have made an account on the soundbetter site and intend to do all my online work through them from now on.

Music for Moroccan cultural documentary

Composer and Ud player Kamal Hors approached me to help composing and mixing music for the documentary Maalem wa Dilal which portrays cultural heritage in a number of Moroccan cities. I wrote and recorded music for the city of Tangiers, which needed different music for each district (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, English, Dutch, Belgian).
Kamal wrote the titletrack, music for the other cities and provided some beautiful solo improvisations. I helped in finalizing arrangements and mixed everything.
The first episode has been broadcast, a link will follow and the music will soon be posted on soundcloud.

Remix for Zulya Kamalova

Check out here a remix I did for Tatar / Australian singer songwriter Zulya Kamalova of the song ‘Kaida Son Sin’ (Where Are You).

‘I look for you everywhere, but you are gone’

For the arrangement, I kept only Zulya’s vocal track, and used a combination of my acoustic instruments (Bike Tyre Bass, Banjobass, a pan from the kitchen, Claudeviol, guitars).  It was a great collaboration which we hope to repeat in the near future.
The video was created by Liailia Gimadeeva from Tatarstan. The lyrics of the song are a poem she wrote for her grandfather.

Find out more about Zulya on her website