In these posts (category ‘INSTRUMENTS’) I will tell something about the instruments I’m using.

The first instrument I built that really stuck was the Bike Tyre Bass. I used to use inner tube bike tyre to ty things together when going on a holiday, or when working with wood, and had noticed that these tightened bits of rubber produced a rather deep and short bass sound. So after some experiments I decided to make an acoustic bass with it. Since the rubber ‘strings’ require very short length in order to produce the notes we generally like to hear in a a bass, it became a neckless bass. The shape was inspired by an exhibition of Salvador Dali which I had recently visited, who had created artworks with ‘liquid’ looking clocks. I did a similar thing with the shape of a contrabass. After this specimen I made a second, smaller one, which can be kept on the lap. This original one however remains my favourite. It has traveled all around Europe for live shows and has been used on quite a number of records. The sound is deep and punchy, with much less sustain than either a contrabass or an electric bass. For recordings I usually use a combination of SDC and a DI. A nice example of the sound of the Bike Tyre Bass is this song on soundcloud which I co-produced with Parissa Bouas.