The great Epirus clarinet player Dimitris Rizos (who happens to be my father in law) had been suggesting for a while to me to record some instrumentals with him. This summer, after the lockdown in spring, we got together and recorded a first track with me on the Laouto. The music from Epirus is somewhat different from the rest of Greece and I really came to love this style. First of all for the unique polyphonic voices, but also for the special musical color and melodies. We will do more songs like this, with the aim of recording an album. Here is a video of the first track, ‘Up high on the Kostilata (mountain). For the sonic sherlocks among you, no we did indeed not record and film this at the same time, there is too much wind and no electricity out there – we recorded inside a house close to this location and then went outside and played along with the recording blaring on the car radio while someone was filming.