Zulya Kamalova’s CD ‘Six Days Loving’ is out and can be heard at bandcamp! Production by Pindos Music, in close collaboration with Zulya through the wonders of the internet. The album contains 9 new songs written by Zulya, arranged by myself and Zulya, with additions of a couple of great musicians from Canada, Russia and Australia. We spent a lot of time looking for a general productional approach to the album, and then within that concept, lending each song a unique sonic identity in order to support the beautiful poetry by Yoldyz Minnullina.┬áMy instruments are featured a lot on this album, as I played most of the parts – the Claude Viol for instance saw some heavy use and doubled as a kind of rudimentary bass-guitar, while also being used in it’s usual distorted cello – like presentation. We decided not to use a lot of traditional percussion but instead went with a collection of pots, pans and various random objects, plus one of my basses which with a certain mic technique works fairly well as a kick – snare kind of instrument – which I then mangled with effects and doubled with some electronic sounds. Zulya recorded her vocals at her home in Australia, which meant she could really take her time to get the best possible takes of each track. This approach in my opinion translates into very focused and intense vocals, free of the stress which can easily creep in during studio sessions under time pressure.
All in all it was a fantastic musical adventure, and one I hope we can follow up in the future with another project.
For more info on this album, and Zulya as an artist in general, check out her site.