Producer Zlaya from LOUD asked me to join him on the new project ‘Project Lucy’ of Snow Apple. Snow Apple is the band around singer / songwriter Laurien Schreuder from Amsterdam. The core of the band used to be three girls, but by now Laurien is the only one left (and she was the first one). During her travels, she got involved with a talented and very sympathetic bunch of Mexican musicians. For this session, the band was joined by two excellent Italian session musicians, the quite unique and amazing Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves on squeaky stuff and whatever else makes some noise, and myself lending a hand on the Claude Viol or acoustic guitars wherever there was a need for some extra acoustic string violence.
My role consisted mainly of helping to get the music into some direction, as well as thinking along about the way how to record each song. We were lucky to record this project during 7 days in the La Fabrique Studio’s in the French Provence, which is definitely one of the most special residential studio’s left in Europe. The various spaces available provide some fantastic possibilities in terms of acoustics, and the place is just very beautiful, relaxed and inspiring to work in.  A big bonus is the house engineer Daniel, who was assisting and basically running Pro Tools and all the connections throughout the sessions, allowing us to focus on the music.
Learn more about Snow Apple on their site